Guilty as Charged

Alright, raise your hand those of you who have tried and failed to upkeep your blogs.

*raises hand*

The amount of unmanned blogs under my name floating out there! Egads. While I had every best intention of updating those blogs, I suppose my life was pretty mundane. Nothing fun or exciting to or worthwhile to blog about. I’m no political writer, humour isn’t exactly my forte, and keeping up with the celebrisphere is not blogworthy for me. Not the most fashionable person out there, nor do I think I do enough justice to write and comment about current events

I suppose, in short, I had no proper reason to blog. I had no direction, no purpose, and, let’s face it, was just purely lazy to come up with a topic. Oh, and procrastination was quite a big help too! Eeeks. Guilty as charged!

So why the change now? Sure, sure. Tiny voice inside my head says ‘Blog your first entry, let’s see where this will go! HAH. You’ll just end up with more cyberjunk!’.

NO. Tiny voice, shut it.

This time, I have a reason to put my thoughts down. I have more things to talk about, more perspective to share and compare. I have a sense of direction for this blog, finally – TRAVEL.

I love travelling. It’s in my blood, in my very entity. The first flight I took was when I was 3 months old, and I have just kept going on and on and on. Being on the move frees my soul, it makes me look at things in a different way. It makes me appreciate what I have, and reaffirms my beliefs. It changes the way I see and perceive certain things, and let’s me realise that I’m just another person in this ever-loving, ever-crazy and ever-changing world.

Travel feeds my soul, it nourishes my spirit. Every time I come back from another adventure, I long for my next one. Too bad my savings account doesn’t support it every time! Every time I come back, I fiercely promise myself that I will document my journey in some way…. HAHA! I fall flat on my face on that promise every single time.

But this time, I’m determined to go through with this. I have an ah-maaaa-zing opportunity coming up, one that promises lots of travel and experiences and photos and perspective, so it would be somewhat stupid if I don’t do anything about it.

Since Istanbul is still a month away, I need to keep myself content with all the adventures I’ve already been through. The five-year stint in NZ, one amazing trip through Nepal, my first taste of ‘backpacking’ in Morocco, and eye-opener of a trip in India, that 6-week journey through Europe… I foresee lotsa digging for photos! *rubs hands gleefully*

I can’t wait to start!

In the meantime, I’ll end with this:


Transmission, over!

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