I’d like to begin by saying that travelling is in my blood.

It satisfies my soul, quenches my thirst for adventure and almost always manages to ground and humble me once more.

Once I begin feeling dissatisfied with life, or when things get a bit too hectic or when I turn up my nose again, I slip away and travel in order to bring equilibrium back to my being.

My encounters have brought me so much joy and experiences, and I’d like to write it down so that if ever I can’t travel again (God forbid!!!), I will at least be able to pull up this page and relive my experiences over and over again, and let the joy of travel sink into me so that I can retreat to my happy place, even if it’s for a while.

I’ll be going back in time and retracing my the journeys I’ve taken in my 20+ years of existence. I’ll try to blog on the go (operative word being try) when I’m on my travels, and pepper in some tips and tricks. Still trying to get the hang of travel photography, so bear with me while I shove my skills in inappropriate places!

I’m always on the lookout for my next adventure – bring it on!

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